Jeff Kripal

September 2015

William Blake's Newton

Materialism is killing us. And I do not mean shopping. I mean the largely unquestioned, largely unconscious, but all influencing worldview of western civilization that fetishizes measurement at the expense of meaning, objects at the expense of subjects, and more and more data at the expense of wisdom and soul.

Consciousness has become nothing more than the ephemeral output from some assumed, but never established, biological computer, and a very recent, very fragile materialist interpretation of science has been confused with science itself.

Not everyone has been lured into such a spiritual sleep and confusion, however. Ed Kelly and his colleagues in the Sursem collective are among those still trying to awaken us. They have labored for a decade and a half exploring the histories, philosophical nuances, and potentials of a new science of “irreducible mind.”

Their work shines as some of the brightest jewels in the work of the Center for Theory & Research, which continues on many fronts—from religious tolerance in the Middle East to economic inequality and political polarization in the U.S.—to address some of the most pressing issues of today’s world.

Read on and see for yourself!