Michelle Broderick
Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle is a multi-disciplined CMO who began her career at Fortune 500 companies like Continental Airlines, and Gap Inc., where she crunched big data and learned the discipline and creativity required to run global marketing efforts. After finding success in corporate America, she made the leap to the exciting world of startups as an early employee at Yelp, Uber, and Simple, where she led teams of scrappy marketers who used creativity and determination to turn those companies into household names.

Michelle earned a Bachelor's Degree in business at WWU with a focus on marketing and computer science, and she has remained on the leading edge, searching for new things to learn and continuing her education in executive leadership at Stanford and behavioral economics at Yale. When she is not leading teams and launching campaigns, Michelle can be found traveling the globe in search of installation art exhibits, obscure mammals, and regional snacks. She loves blazing new trails and leaving maps for others to follow.