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Residential Extended Education Program

Transform and Grow Through Service

The last two-plus years haven’t been easy. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in the discomforts of wanting a change. Maybe you’re unsure how to take those first steps to kick off your life’s next chapter, or perhaps you’re seeking something different with cool seasonal plans. Perhaps you’re going through a breakup or divorce, or you have post-retirement curiosities to explore within the majestic microcosm that is Esalen Institute.

If you’re hungry for professional or personal transformation, Esalen can be a solution. 55000 Highway 1 is a place for healing and exploring. Our new program creates space for individuals to absorb these treasured opportunities as part of a cohort, working and learning new skills together. In a time when we have less control over life’s current distracting and complicated details, a break and escape can be a welcomed chance to let go and create spaciousness. 

2022 Start Dates:

July 30

August 27

September 24

October 22

November 19

December 17



Under the guidance of our skilled, compassionate faculty and surrounded by a cohort of fellow students, you will be challenged to expand your personal growth edges and open up to greater discoveries of self and community through these cyclical monthly themes:

Place and Presence: Nurture a sense of place and relationship with Esalen’s foundational elements, including the land, its thought leaders, and vision for human potentialities.

Meditation and Mindfulness: Experience direct instruction and further cultivation of a personal practice, while building a mindful connection to work and community life.

Embodied Self-Expression: Foster interdisciplinary creative outlets that encourage somatic integration of the imagination.

A three-month on-site work program, REEP is designed to help you reset and reimagine, heal and explore, and learn about yourself — all while working in service to the community. Explore new ways of thinking and being while being paid to work at Esalen.

REEP students work in our kitchen, Farm & Garden, and as part of our Cabins housekeeping crew.

You'll spend 36 hours per week working in one of the departments, and have four hours per week dedicated to human potential curriculum and training.

Shared accommodations and three meals per day are provided at a reasonable cost.


You'll be sharing an ocean-front house with five other students, and sharing a room with one other person of the same self-identified gender. The house comes with a kitchen, living room, shared bathroom, and outside deck.

Compensation and Rent

REEP students are paid $16 per hour. Rent is $200 per pay period and includes accommodations, utilities, and three meals per day.

The Environment

Esalen is located in a very rural, rugged environment on the central California coast with no nearby shopping or services. The closest major town is Monterey, which is approximately one hour away by car.

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Photo credit: Stephanie Lewis
A man dances facing the Pacific Ocean on the pool deck at Esalen.

Imagine if you pressed pause
on your life for four weeks to
give yourself time and space
to transform.