Darnell Lamont Walker leading Rituals Writing Workshop
Shake Off the Shackles

The longer days and warmer temperatures of spring are just around the corner here in California, and our newest batch of workshops offer a variety of enticing ways to shake off the shackles of winter and reconnect to yourself, others, creativity, and the grandeur of Nature.

New On-Campus Workshops

Big Sur Wilderness Experience: Springtime, April 25–29, 2022 with Steven Harper
Open yourself to the natural world and to the landscapes of your inner world. Each day, you’ll venture out on 4-8 mile day hikes into the emerging springtime magnificence of Big Sur, while practices from a range of contemporary and age-old wisdom traditions help weave together a holistic experience of self and the natural world. Read more from Steven about connection in The Journal.

Effortless Mindfulness Embodied: Awakening, Glimpse by Glimpse, May 1–6, 2022 with Loch Kelly
The first premise of Loch Kelly’s approach, Effortless Mindfulness, is that the freedom, connection, and awakeness we are seeking is already here within us. During this week you will practice approaches and methods designed to help you shift out of your chattering mind and into embodied, open-hearted awareness in the midst of everyday life.

Awake in the Wild Meditation Retreat: Opening to Joy, Wonder and Awe in Nature, May 6–8, 2022 with Mark Coleman, Lori Schwanbeck, and Teja Bell
Revitalize and reconnect to your aliveness by opening your senses, heart, and mind to the wonder of nature. Study with three renowned meditation teachers, exploring the beautiful and accessible practices of meditation, movement, and Qi-Gong, all outdoors in the exquisite natural beauty at Esalen.  Learn more from Lori on Esalen Live!

Wild Serenity: Meditating With The Radiance Sutras, May 9–13, 2022 with Lorin Roche and Camille Maurine
The Radiance Sutras describe meditation as an instinctive ability — a way of accessing inner wisdom that everyone has. The key is finding methods that flow in harmony with your inner nature. In this workshop, you’ll experiment with a wide variety of practices to find the ones you will love each day of your life. 

Radiant Rest Retreat: Yoga Nidra, Self-Inquiry, Sankalpa, May 13–15, 2022 with Tracee Stanley
Discover how the art of deep and sacred rest can be a portal to awakening to your true power. Learn how yoga nidra can help you activate your inner knowing, discover and remove obstacles to living your best life, and enhance rejuvenation, memory, and clarity. You’ll also create a powerful sankalpa (Sanskrit: a resolve or intention) for a take-home 40-day practice.

Art As A Spiritual Path: Discovering Your Creative Mandala, May 23–27, 2022 with Paul Heussenstamm
Whether you’ve never painted before or you’re looking for a new way to expand your creativity, painting a mandala (a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism) is a gentle entry into the left brain hemisphere that helps reveal the artist within each of us. As a genuine form of meditation, it can open your heart, calm your mind, and even has the capacity to expand consciousness. 

5Rhythms® Moon Lodge: Honoring the Sacred Feminine, May 30 – June 3, 2022 with Lucia Horan and Dr. Julie Von
How empowered do you feel as a woman navigating this world? What is your relationship to the feminine and her wisdom? This workshop will be about celebrating the body of Woman and the sacred feminine within. Through dance, meditation, massage, acupuncture, and ritual cleansing baths, we will release wounds of the past and share in the sisterhood of humanity.

Moon Lodge: Spiritual Fertility, June 3–5, 2022 with Lucia Horan and Dr. Julie Von
We’ve been indoctrinated to understand fertility as a purely physical concept, but there is also a deeply spiritual dimension. Come discover and be strengthened in your individual connection to sacred motherhood. Join together with a sharing circle to collectively hold, heal, and create new paths for conception and motherhood.  Learn more about healing with Lucia in The Journal.

The Painting Process Rediscovered: The Magic of Spontaneous Expression, June 6–10 with Michelle Cassou
Come discover practical ways to dissolve creative blocks and find inspiration, so art becomes not a means to an end but a place you inhabit. This workshop is a week of painting, support, stimulation, free play, and self-realization for artists and seekers of all stripes — educators, counselors, meditators — anyone with a thirst to revitalize the creative juices. No prior painting experience is required.

The Dream Bigger Foundation’s Transformational Leader Meditation Teacher Training, June 6–10 with Justin Michael Williams
Open only to students who have completed Justin Michael Williams’ Transformational Leader Meditation Teacher Training Certification, this program — with its deep focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion — will provide you with the practices, tools, and knowledge to transform your own life and take that transformation out into the world. Learn more about Justin’s perspective on transformation on Esalen Live!

Role Mate to Soul Mate: The Art and Discipline of Love, June 10–12, 2022 with Warren Farrell
Join thought leader and prolific author Warren Farrell for a workshop that helps couples communicate more effectively and connect more profoundly.Transform your relationship by learning how to hear your partner’s criticisms without becoming defensive, and how to make your partner feel fully seen and loved by appreciating them specifically and frequently. Understand more about Warren’s thoughts on deepening love on Esalen Live!

Gestalt Practice and Principles: Cultivating Embodied Wholeness in Daily Life, June 13–17, 2022 with Steven Harper
At its core, Gestalt is an awareness practice meant to cultivate wholeness and radical aliveness in the here-and-now. Through personal and interactive experiential practices, learn to recognize and release unskillful habitual and reactive patterns, while developing space and appreciation for silence, sensation, emotional expression, and communication that can help you improve your relationship to yourself and others.

In the Company of Men: The Embodied Masculine, a 5Rhythms® Workshop, June 24–26, 2022 with Douglas Drummond
What does it mean to be Embodied as a Man? During this impactful weekend, you’ll explore the question of what it means to be a man in the modern world. Through 5Rhythms movement practice, group shares, and sensory awareness exercises, explore your edges and your vulnerability in the strength and company of other men. 

Resource and Renew: A 5Rhythms® & Mindfulness Workshop, July 11–15, 2022 with Lucia Horan
Would you like to be better resourced and have more energy? If the answer is yes, then you’re in perfect alignment to participate in this workshop. You’ll release and balance your body’s systems with 5Rhythms movement practice, and use sitting meditation to quiet the heart and mind, allowing for stillness and integration. By seeding the qualities of ​​self-care, compassion, and kindness into your daily life, you can move forward with energy, passion, and creativity.

Amplified Yoga, June 17–19, 2022 with Donovan McGrath and Rob Garza
Throughout the weekend, Donovan McGrath leads you in the high-energy practices of Amplified Yoga that will help you build the strong body, vibrant energy, and mental clarity necessary to endure the pressures of these times, while Rob Garza (of Thievery Corporation) DJ’s live to propel you through the therapeutic, celebratory experience. 

We have even more workshops still open for enrollment or waitlist.

Live Extended Education Program

What would happen if you pressed pause on your life and gave yourself four weeks at Esalen to transform? If you’re ready to take the LEEP, we’re accepting applications for these exciting programs.

Streams of Energy: Eastern Bodywork and Movement, May 7 – June 3, 2022 with Jim Gallas
This month is designed to open you to your innate healing potentials, experience the power of safe therapeutic touch, and be more fully present in your unfolding as a unique expression of Source. Connect and laugh with a supportive healing community while you learn Shiatsu, Qi Gong, and Reiki.

CranioSacral Therapy: Exploring Presence and Intentioned Touch, July 2–29, 2022 with Karen Axelrod
CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle and profoundly moving form of bodywork known to help regulate the central nervous system for body-mind-spirit balancing. Learn how strong therapeutic presence and intentioned touch facilitate safety and comfort for clients, while practicing hands-on techniques to help unravel pain and dysfunction and enhance health in every dimension. To attend this program, you must be a professional healthcare practitioner or student, or meet the course pre-requisite requirements.

“Remembering to be as self compassionate as I can and praying to the divine that we're all a part of.” 

“Prayer, reading, meditation, walking.”
“Erratically — which is an ongoing stream of practice to find peace.”
“Try on a daily basis to be kind to myself and to realize that making mistakes is a part of the human condition. Learning from our mistakes is a journey. But it starts with compassion and caring. First for oneself.”

“Physically: aerobic exercise, volleyball, ice hockey, cycling, sailing. Emotionally: unfortunately I have to work to ‘not care’ about people or situations which may end painfully. Along the lines of ‘attachment is the source of suffering’, so best to avoid it or limit its scope. Sad though because it could also be the source of great joy. Is it worth the risk?“

“It's time for my heart to be nurtured on one level yet contained on another. To go easy on me and to allow my feelings to be validated, not judged harshly. On the other hand, to let the heart rule with equanimity and not lead the mind and body around like a master.”

“I spend time thinking of everything I am grateful for, and I try to develop my ability to express compassion for myself and others without reservation. I take time to do the things I need to do to keep myself healthy and happy. This includes taking experiential workshops, fostering relationships, and participating within groups which have a similar interest to become a more compassionate and fulfilled being.“

“Self-forgiveness for my own judgments. And oh yeah, coming to Esalen.”
–David B.

“Hmm, this is a tough one! I guess I take care of my heart through fostering relationships with people I feel connected to. Spending quality time with them (whether we're on the phone, through messages/letters, on Zoom, or in-person). Being there for them, listening to them, sharing what's going on with me, my struggles and my successes... like we do in the Esalen weekly Friends of Esalen Zoom sessions!”

“I remind myself in many ways of the fact that " Love is all there is!" LOVE is the prize and this one precious life is the stage we get to learn our lessons. I get out into nature, hike, camp, river kayak, fly fish, garden, I create, I dance (not enough!), and I remain grateful for each day, each breath, each moment. Being in the moment, awake, and remembering the gift of life and my feeling of gratitude for all of creation.”
“My physical heart by limiting stress and eating a heart-healthy diet. My emotional heart by staying in love with the world and by knowing that all disappointment and loss will pass.“
–David Z.

Today, September 29, is World Heart Day. Strike up a conversation with your own heart and as you feel comfortable, encourage others to do the same. As part of our own transformations and self-care, we sometimes ask for others to illuminate and enliven our hearts or speak our love language.

What if we could do this for ourselves too, even if just for today… or to start a heart practice, forever?

And if you’ve always wanted to visit Esalen but haven’t been able to find the room in your budget: did you know about our scholarship program?

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