Darnell Lamont Walker leading Rituals Writing Workshop
Transformation is in the Air

We've added a big batch of new workshops for February and beyond, including two very special opportunities to transform your reality with help from master teachers Laura Day, Gahl Sasson, and Nancy Winston, a chance to spread your creative wings and transform recycled materials into art, and a whole lot more.

New On-campus Workshops

The Tools For Transformation  February 7–11, 2022 with Laura Day, Gahl Sasson and Nancy Winston
Alchemy is all about taking the mundane, the unexpected, even the inconvenient, and creating Magic. Due to a series of teacher cancellations, this incredible group of visionaries took this as a synchronistic sign to come together as a team and share with you the tools they share with each other to create successful lives. Join us for a collaborative experience in Human Alchemy, where we engage in healing, neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, astrology, intuition, ritual, and personal mythology to transform your reality in tangible ways.

Creative Catalyst: The Transformative Power of Making Art  February 7–11, 2022 with Dana Albany and Michael "Flash" Hopkins
The Artist lives within everyone and Art can be made out of just about anything! In this transformative workshop, we will use repurposed material in a whole new context of re-creation. Come experiment with a vast array of reused materials to create mixed-media mosaics, sculptures, and collages.

Quick Hits for Lasting Change   February 11–13, 2022 with Laura Day, Gahl Sasson and Nancy Winston
You as a human being are composed of your beliefs, your habits, and the world they create around you. The gift of ritual is sacredness. When you choose to make something sacred it has the power you give it. That power is the material with which you can build a New Reality. In this workshop, each teacher will give you their simple practices to rely upon daily, when your habits are not creating the results you want.

​​Writing and Mindfulness: How a Mindfulness Practice Can Make You a Better Writer  February 14–18, 2022 with Janis Cooke Newman
We know that a consistent meditation practice lowers stress, improves health, strengthens relationships, and increases happiness. But did you know that cultivating mindfulness can also make you a more creative and skillful writer? This combination writing and meditation workshop invites writers and meditators of all levels to delve deeply into both practices. Throughout the workshop, we will practice together in a number of ways to encourage your own work and practice to flourish.

Integration From the Core: Embodiment through Yoga, Dance, and Sound Meditation  February 21–25, 2022 with Jovinna Chan
Drawing on the embodied practices of yoga, pranayama (breath practice), sound meditation, and conscious dance, we reconnect our bodies and minds this week, digest our feelings and emotions, and open ourselves to the wisdom of our hearts. Most of all, we expand our vision to include a bigger perspective on the suffering of the world.

Exploring our Shadows Through the Psychology of Fame  February 28 – March 4, 2022 with John W. Price Ph.D., LPC
In this workshop, uncovering the root of these questions is the very quest we are on — to recognize that often what we seek “out there” is found within and that the unlived parts of us often carry a heavy burden whether we know it or not. Reflecting upon and integrating these beautiful segments of our bodies, minds, and souls offers us an invitation to a broader and more expansive life, greater awareness and presence with the nature of our personal experience, and the depths of the patterns and forces encountered in the human experience.

Moving into Stillness March 7–11, 2022 with Janet Stone
Restore. It can take time and great effort to move away from the ego-affirming busyness of modern-day life toward a reflective stillness. In this workshop we will cultivate this slowing, deepening, and going within. Through slow, nourishing yoga practices, restorative postures, meditation, mantra, writing, and intentional silence we’ll allow ourselves to dive below the surface of our thoughts and identities to know ourselves more intimately and untether from the chords that hold us to old behaviors and belief structures.

Luminous Yoga Spring Renewal  March 28 – April 1, 2022 with Ulrika Engman
Polish your luminous body by revamping not just your yoga poses, but yourself, with innovative practices that renew body, mind, and spirit. Our yoga spring renewal practices consist of energizing movement, flow yoga, core activations, meridian sequencing, tapping, rejuvenating holds, and cleansing rituals based on the five elements.

The Path of the Wounded Healer April 4–8, 2022 with Lucia Horan
The healing path has a trajectory. Gabrielle Roth called this The Path of The Wounded Healer. It is here that we look closely at our healing process. We mark both where we are and where we want to be. We dance through the five stages of healing in relationship to being the victim, the survivor, the healer, the transformer, and eventually the one who rests in compassionate service.

Designing the Life We Want: Self-Renewal in the Spring  April 4–8, 2022 and April 8–10, 2022 with Mark Nicolson 
You have never been where you are today. You have never been the age you are today, or had the experience you have today. At times, you must pause and reflect: Have you created the impact you want? Are you showing up the way you want to? Are you going in the right direction? Drawing on psychological principles, movement practices, and ancient wisdom traditions, we will create a unique environment in which peers can come together for a rare opportunity of intense personal learning, interaction, and exploration.

The Embodied Voice  April 8–10, 2022 with The Brothers Koren
Brothers Thorald and Isaac Koren create a safe space for students to reclaim their power and connection to their bodies while grounding into the gravity of the whole body instrument. Create powerful sounds and experience what it feels like to be... and be fully alive.

Esalen® Massage: The Basics  April 15–17, 2022 with Char Pias and Deborah Anne Medow
The soothing quality of massage is a delightful antidote for stress or that out-of-sorts feeling. Sharing a massage heightens non-verbal connection and awakens sensory awareness. Whether a novice or professional, this workshop will guide you through the basic concepts of Esalen Massage in a pleasant, easy-to-follow format. With brief lecture demonstrations and plenty of at-the-table guidance, the instructors will offer the essential elements, highlighting the foundational long, integrating strokes, and gentle stretches.

There’s still time to plan your trip to Big Sur! These workshops are still open for enrollment or waitlist.

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Online Workshops

Can't make it to Big Sur? Now you can save 50% off the standard tuition rate for either of our Digital Extended Education Program (DEEP) courses using the code DEEP50. Plus, it's not too late to sign up! You can still register for two weeks after the course start date.

We're All Gonna Die: Nourishing Life and Preparing for Death, January 10 – February 17, 2022 with Reverend Bodhi Be
Explore the emotional, psychological and spiritual work for living deeply, aging wisely, dying well and showing up for the world. This course is appropriate for anyone involved in death-work, including social workers, doctors, nurses, hospice care facilitators, end of life practitioners, and death doulas, or for people who care for a dying loved one, those who have recently experienced the death of someone close to them, and anyone seriously engaged in the field of transforming consciousness. Sign up through January 23, 2022.

Moon Lodge: Honoring the Sacred Feminine, January 17 – February 22 with Dr. Julie Von and Lucia Horan
Join us as we journey into an exploration of ritual healing for women, exploring our relationship with the feminine, feminine wisdom, and how we navigate the world. This course is open to anyone who identifies as a Woman+. Sign up through January 30, 2022.

“Remembering to be as self compassionate as I can and praying to the divine that we're all a part of.” 

“Prayer, reading, meditation, walking.”
“Erratically — which is an ongoing stream of practice to find peace.”
“Try on a daily basis to be kind to myself and to realize that making mistakes is a part of the human condition. Learning from our mistakes is a journey. But it starts with compassion and caring. First for oneself.”

“Physically: aerobic exercise, volleyball, ice hockey, cycling, sailing. Emotionally: unfortunately I have to work to ‘not care’ about people or situations which may end painfully. Along the lines of ‘attachment is the source of suffering’, so best to avoid it or limit its scope. Sad though because it could also be the source of great joy. Is it worth the risk?“

“It's time for my heart to be nurtured on one level yet contained on another. To go easy on me and to allow my feelings to be validated, not judged harshly. On the other hand, to let the heart rule with equanimity and not lead the mind and body around like a master.”

“I spend time thinking of everything I am grateful for, and I try to develop my ability to express compassion for myself and others without reservation. I take time to do the things I need to do to keep myself healthy and happy. This includes taking experiential workshops, fostering relationships, and participating within groups which have a similar interest to become a more compassionate and fulfilled being.“

“Self-forgiveness for my own judgments. And oh yeah, coming to Esalen.”
–David B.

“Hmm, this is a tough one! I guess I take care of my heart through fostering relationships with people I feel connected to. Spending quality time with them (whether we're on the phone, through messages/letters, on Zoom, or in-person). Being there for them, listening to them, sharing what's going on with me, my struggles and my successes... like we do in the Esalen weekly Friends of Esalen Zoom sessions!”

“I remind myself in many ways of the fact that " Love is all there is!" LOVE is the prize and this one precious life is the stage we get to learn our lessons. I get out into nature, hike, camp, river kayak, fly fish, garden, I create, I dance (not enough!), and I remain grateful for each day, each breath, each moment. Being in the moment, awake, and remembering the gift of life and my feeling of gratitude for all of creation.”
“My physical heart by limiting stress and eating a heart-healthy diet. My emotional heart by staying in love with the world and by knowing that all disappointment and loss will pass.“
–David Z.

Today, September 29, is World Heart Day. Strike up a conversation with your own heart and as you feel comfortable, encourage others to do the same. As part of our own transformations and self-care, we sometimes ask for others to illuminate and enliven our hearts or speak our love language.

What if we could do this for ourselves too, even if just for today… or to start a heart practice, forever?


Esalen Team